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Festivals and Events in Castelfiorentino

Castelfiorentino hosts various festivals and events all over the year.

February and Pentecost, Feast of Saint Verdiana

A very suggestive feast takes place on 1 February, the day of Saint Verdiana (the patron saint of Castelfiorentino), and the day after Whit Sunday. On the occasion of the procession, numerous market stalls are placed along the streets of Castelfiorentino.

Spring and Autumn Festivals, Castello a Tavola

Fascinating are also the Spring and Autumn Festivals and the feast called “Castello a Tavola”, during which tourists and inhabitants of Castelfiorentino eat tripe, a traditional Castelfiorentino dish, at a long table set in the streets of the town.

In May, “In/Canti & Banchi”

“In/Canti & Banchi” is certainly one of the most important events in Castelfiorentino.

Taking place every year in the fourth week of May, In/Canti & Banchi involves the whole town and sets off the urban scenery with original and spectacular performances. Story-tellers and musicians invite people to a trip in their magic world.

In May people like making whoopee in the squares, in the streets and in the most secret corners of this town at the gates of the Chianti region, where the In/Canti & Banchi Festival brings the ancient propitiatory feasts to mind, when people sang stornelli in the courtyards.

An ancient tradition, pagan and enjoyable, that has been reliving for 15 years in Castelfiorentino from 25 to 28 May. Every year thousands of people can enjoy Castelfiorentino and its festival with all their five senses: from sight to taste, from hearing to touch.

The festival offers the opportunity to discover or re-discover the flavours of traditional home cooking and attend dozens of concerts and theatrical performances; those who are looking for special and unique occasions, can visit the antique and artistic handicraft market in the old part of the town.

Story-tellers are the real protagonists of the festival, both old and new ones: those who in the past went from market to market to tell stories about exotic lands; and today's refined chansonniers and rappers who pour out flows of counter information to the beat of rap music.

In the last 15 years many of them have performed at the festival and thanks to them today Castelfiorentino is renowned as the “Story-Teller Town”.

Thursday and Friday are entirely dedicated to story-tellers, whereas Saturday is dedicated to shows related to the main theme of the festival and on Sunday Castelfiorentino is full of market stalls selling antiques and handicraft products while various music bands perform in the streets.

May, Agricola

On the first Sunday of May takes place “Agricola”, a trade fair dedicated to agriculture that offers the opportunity to buy local typical products, browse among old and modern agricultural machines, discover how the peasants lived in the past and become acquainted with ancient professions that have disappeared.

July, Mercantia

The spectacular and well-renowned street art festival takes place in Certaldo (7 kilometres from Agriturismo Le Docce) in the third week of July. Mercantia is an important festival dedicated to street music and theatre with artists and craftsmen performing and working in the streets of the medieval town. A mixture of history, shows, photos and exotica.

August, Fiera Ritrovata

In August, in Piazza delle Stanze Operaie in Castelfiorentino takes place “Fiera Ritrovata”. On this occasion music resounds in the streets; watermelon is the absolute protagonist of the festival and during the whole day it is possible to visit Castelfiorentino museums for free. A special market is organised in the square from the early morning. “Fiera Ritrovata” offers the opportunity to discover or re-discover Castelfiorentino museums and artistic heritage. During the feast the Museo di Santa Verdiana (church of Santa Verdiana), the Museo Benozzo Gozzoli and the church of San Lorenzo are open all day long and can be visited for free.

September, The Sweetest Day of the Year

The gastronomic festival takes place in Castelnuovo d'Elsa (3 kilometres from Agriturismo Le Docce) on the third Sunday of September. The festival offers the opportunity to taste and buy traditional local sweets and delicacies.

September, Palio del Cerro

The Palio del Cerro takes place in Cerreto Guidi on the first Saturday of September and is dedicated to Saint Liberata.

On the day of the Palio, Cerreto Guidi plunges back in the Renaissance and especially in the period when Florence was governed by Cosimo I de' Medici, who commissioned the villa standing in the town for his daughter Isabella.

The town in divided into four contrade: Porta Caracosta, Porta Fiorentina, Porta al Palagio and Porta Santa Maria al Pozzolo. Every contrada has a captain, who guides it during various games and during the folkloric parade in Renaissance costumes in the historical centre.

November, White Truffle in San Miniato

The Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco di San Miniato takes place in the last three weekends of November in San Miniato historical centre. The medieval town of San Miniato is the home of the famous San Miniato white truffle, the most valuable underground mushroom variety, which is to be found just a few centimetres under the soil in a limited number of areas characterised by a particular combination of forest wildlife and geologic substrate.

For over 30 years in November San Miniato has become a wide open-air laboratory of taste.

While truffles are exposed in the historical Piazza del Duomo, situated at the foot of the Colle della Rocca, in the other squares it is possible to taste the typical products of the the hills around San Miniato and of other Italian towns.

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